Equine Rehabilitation

We are proud to offer a bespoke package, entirely unique and tailor made for your horse.  Specialising in the ground-based work, stability, straightness, balance and strength exercises to ensure that your horse is supple and strong and ready to continue their journey.

At Equiflex we are fully qualified and experienced in a wide range of treatments aimed at giving your horse the best possible outcome, as well as you the best value for money. 

We have an Infra-Red Sun Horse UK Solarium on site, as well as Photizo Red Light Lazer Therapy, Ultrasound, TENs / EMS, Epiony Heat Pad and a Pulse Equine PEMF machine on its way soon.


The use of exercise aids, such as a Pessoa, is a topic for contention with opinions varied and conflicting.  While we do have a couple of exercise aids on site, a set of EquiCore Bands and a soft lunging rope, our aim is to ensure that the horse moves forward in a correct, balanced and supple manner under their own ability prior to the use of any "gadgets".

In depth research has shown us that corrective exercise is one of the most effective therapeutic treatments of the horse, yet unfortunately it is one of the most underused.  Many manual therapy-based plans will be successful in treating the symptomatic issues, which result from the musculoskeletal disfunction and are normally those most visible to the owner but are not effective in addressing the root cause of the injury and pain.

Biomechanical imbalances are frequently discovered to be the underlying cause of injury, with further and potentially widespread compensation occurring as a result.  Assessment of a horse's movement and identifying patterns in the symmetry is vital to ensure that any treatment given is aimed at the root cause.



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