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Lets talk about Stringhalt-Equine Reflex Hypertonia

Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 11:16

Unfortunately there is no definitive treatment for stringhalt. Some horses may recover spontaneously whereas others may require the surgical resection of part of the muscle and tendon (myotenectomy) of the lateral digital extensor at hock level to alleviate some signs. There have been some reports as to the reduction in stringhalt-like steps following injections of Botox but the research is still ongoing

Bucked Shins PEMF Results

Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 11:06

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Why link Pulse Pemf and Equine Massage?

Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 11:01

A while ago I decided to increase my skills base and train in PEMF therapy, importinEquine Pulse allows me to work on deeper muscles and structures throughout the horse, with the pulse reaching as far as 19". I have found issues far deeper than hands on would ever reach and seen some fantastic and very positive results from new and long term problems.

PEMF treatment-Distal Phalanx Fracture

Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 10:55

19yo QH Gelding that somehow in the field during turnout, chipped the medial wing of the left front coffin bone (Distal Phalanx). Presented with lameness of indeterminate origin in left forelimb. After Veterinary examination the distal phalanx fracture was found.

Let's talk about teeth

Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 10:48

Poorly kept teeth will in turn cause TMJ pain, poll pain, neck pain, and back pain (due to head tossing trying to avoid the pain being inflicted by the bit). When a horses teeth aren't properly aligned they can have difficulty properly chewing their food leading to weight loss.

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