updated: 2022-02-09 11:01:05

A while ago I decided to increase my skills base and train in PEMF therapy, importing a machine from the manufacturers in America.
Equine Pulse allows me to work on deeper muscles and structures throughout the horse, with the pulse reaching as far as 19". I have found issues far deeper than hands on would ever reach and seen some fantastic and very positive results from new and long term problems.
PEMF is not some 'miracle machine' and will never replace hands on therapy, so I will always palpate and run my hands over a horse before and after, but it is a fantastic complementary therapy.
There have been thousands of independent double blind studies that prove its positive effects and it is approved for a wide range of issues in the USA. I am currently in the process of pulsing a number of horses and humans with various problems from stiffness that the owner cannot resolve, ligament/tendon issues and arthritis, all of which have shown significant improvement.


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