updated: 2021-03-04 09:59:27

I would 1000% highly recommend Katie at Equiflex Therapy she is such a wonderful lady who answered all my questions and explained everything she was doing as she treated my horse.
I had being having a reoccurring problem with my horse which had been slowing down our progression as it had been impacting our show jumping performance. After being stuck on what to do and speaking to a close friend, she recommended Katie. First ride after his treatment him and giving me some stretches and exercises to do with him he felt like a completely different horse in his way of going. Over a period of a week or so we had been working on our stretches and exercises. Today was our first jumping lesson since his physio and the difference was AMAZING the problem we had been experience had made an improvement and my horse wasn't getting stressed out with the exercises we were doing to encourage and educate him to do things correctly. I can't thank Katie enough I feel like she is the lady holding the light at the end of my tunnel for me and Finn!

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