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19yo QH Gelding that somehow in the field during turnout, chipped the medial wing of the left front coffin bone (Distal Phalanx). Presented with lameness of indeterminate origin in left forelimb. After Veterinary examination the distal phalanx fracture was found.
Initial Symptoms included: severe swelling of the left shoulder, severe lameness of the left forelimb, unwillingness to move forward or hold body weight on limb. PEMF therapy included 2 initial sessions, before diagnosis, of whole body with focus on the left shoulder.
After diagnosis, the 3rd session included a mix of body with a focus on shoulder and left hoof. The remaining sessions focused on hoof with check-ins with the body but focusing on the hoof once a week. Total of 8 sessions over 6 weeks.
The results are incredible. - it is rare to find an injury of this classification/location remodeling as well as it is. The bone itself is repairing and healing at a rate and quality not commonly seen. PEMF is a drug free, noninvasive option for working with and healing all injuries common or non. PEMF through this entire process has worked in conjunction with both veterinary and farrier care.


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