updated: 2022-02-09 10:41:58

Pulse Equine was recently used to treat a horse with an injury to the DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon) of the right hind. The time elapsed between the two ultrasounds below is less than 3 months, with the difference plain to see!
The DDFT is found in the front and hind limbs(see diagrams).
It provides support to the fetlock joint, acts as a spring storing energy for movement and stabilises the leg under full weight-bearing load. Due to this, injuries of the DDFT are common and take months of careful and steady rehabilitation, with the chance of re-occurrence always a worry.
The inclusion of PEMF and Equine Massage into the rehabilitation program has shown significantly improved recovery times, w ith not only stronger tendons, but those showing greater elasticity. This greatly helps reduce future injuries.


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