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The Serratus Ventralis muscle is an integral part of the equine thoracic sling. It is divided into two regions, cervical & thoracic.
The primary role of serratus ventralis is supporting the torso, however it also raises the neck, raises the thorax and even aids with inspiration!
This means if you have dysfunction of the serratus ventralis then you may have issues like:

  • Shortened forelimb stride
  • Reduced ROM of the neck
  • Issues with respiration
  • Affected forelimb stance
  • Girthiness (thoracic portion)
  • Wither/shoulder sensitivity

  • With 60% of the horse's weight being supported by the forelimbs, it is essential that the thoracic sling muscles are functioning optimally. Serratus ventralis is the strongest muscle of attachment of the forelimb and is not to be overlooked.


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