updated: 2022-02-09 11:28:06

Do you take notice of your horse's sweat patterns?

  • What does your horse's sweat look and smell like?
  • Does your horse sweat all over or in specific areas only?
  • The type and consistency of your horse's sweat can give some insight into muscle function and level of nutrition.
    If the sweat is very sticky it can mean there is a lot of protein being excreted, if it is thick and frothy then the horse could be loosing a lot of electrolytes during their session, if it smells tin-like it could mean an endocrine imbalance and if your horse sweats in one location more than other areas it could be unbalanced in its muscle exertion.
    Keeping an eye on your horse in this hot weather and noticing the small indicators above can help stave off larger problems and give us better insight into your horse's fitness and current level of conditioning.


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