updated: 2022-02-09 11:06:58

Today I had the pleasure of treating a 4 year old Throughbred mare who came straight off of the race track.
She presented with a large swelling on the distal limb over the cannon bone on her nearside forelimb. Veterinary diagnosis was given as Bucked shins.
This is where very small fractures are observed in the periosteum (front part) of the horse's cannon bone. It is more prevalent in young racehorses when they are starting their training. It is widely accepted that the fractures will heal enough to continue training within 90 days but won't completely heal for as long as 7 months, depending on severity and handling.
However, veterinary advice is to administer NSAIDS to help reduce inflammation as this is one of the main factors in early prevention of healing.
This is where PEMF comes into its own. By reducing inflammation in the area it allows the affected cells to concentrate on the healing process, whilst encouraging the bone to enter the next phases of recovery, reparative and remodelling.
This not only speeds up recovery but also strengthens the resulting cannon bone.


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