Introducing: PEMF

RECENTLY FEI APPROVED and the ONLY one of its kind in the UK.
The most advanced PEMF system on the planet!!
The highest level practitioner in the UK ensuring only the best for you and your horse.

In order to be able to obtain full and comprehensive insurance with Balens Ltd, I have to provide evidence of the in depth training I have had to undertake.
I have completed all the levels of training directly through Pulse Equine who provide the equipment that I use.

Due to Covid they have introduced a very comprehensive online training system. This includes hours and hours of tutorials, live one on one video conferences, case studies, exams and 6 monthly refresher/ continuation exams. In order to reach the highest level I have had to complete numerous case studies with horses and humans, with the results being marked before certification is given.

I have completed this for equines, dogs, other animals and humans and received a distinction in all areas.

I am now a certified advanced practitioner under Pulse Equine.
In addition to this I am a professional member of the AOPP (Association of PEMF Professionals) under which I have undertaken further certification in general, human, large and small animal PEMF.
Again, all of which were passed with distinction.
I am now a certified professional under that body too.
I am proud to say I am a fully qualified, insured and certified PEMF Professional.

This is all in addition to the initial training I undertook in equine sports massage and equine biomechanics which have given me a fantastic foundation from which to build.
I hold dual certification as an ADVANCED PRACTITIONER across the AOPP (Association of PEMF Professionals), In house pulse equine certification and human and small animal training.
Fully insured.

Developed by NASA for use by astronauts to reverse bone loss and muscle degeneration.

Over 7000 independent studies that all show positive results for issues such as:

  • Arthritis (osteo, rheumatoid, chronic etc)
  • Tendon / Ligament healing
  • Strengthening bone breaks
  • Increasing range of movement
  • Reducing muscle fatigue
  • Increasing muscle strength

PEMF Equipment

The Pulse Equine EQ-XX PEMF Machine is a world leading piece of equipment. Along with it's accessories it can penetrate gently but deeply, deeper and with more wave control than any other machine, into an animal's body. This enables the areas not easily reached with massage, lasers, TENs, ultrasound and other non-invasive complementary methods to be stimulated and treated. Their new advanced technology means that PEMF can now be performed at an effective level on EVERY animal, housed in any location. It is now being used ACROSS THE WORLD on animals in every competitive discipline, including equines, agility and show dogs, show cattle, rodeos, western disciplines, livestock, zoo animals and more.

Loops and accessories for every size and shape equine or animal! These loops are unique to Pulse Equine and range from 6 inches to 38 inches to be able to pulse a more complete pathway! The variety of sizes allows me to pulse smaller areas, such as the fetlock, or larger areas and cover the whole hind quarters.

What are the benefits of PEMF?

  • Over 2,000 double blind studies have documented the positive effects of PEMF.
  • + Pulse PEMF has been shown to support and shorten the healing time of a wide range of animal and human issues.
  • + It addresses the underlying cellular dysfunction, resulting from inflammation and injury, by stimulating and exercising the cells, allowing the cell to perform better and more efficiently.
  • Increases range of motion - loosening muscle fibres for a longer, smoother stride. [7,8]
  • Natural support for healthy joint and cartilage function - studies have shown PEMF positively impacts cartilage cells and tissue. [9,10]
  • Assists with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise - decrease recovery times, helping with disciplines such as endurance, 3 days eventing and show jumping. [3]
  • Optimise Wellness, non-invasively - PEMF generates energy at a cellular level, amplifying natural energy and encouraging the body to function more effectively. [1]
  • PEMF provides sedation-free relaxation and restorative pulsing for complete recovery. [4,5].

  • Simplifying the effects of PEMF :

    PEMF Increases:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Range of Motion
  • Nerve Response
  • Immune System
  • Circulation
  • Cell Hydration
  • Muscle Response

  • PEMF Decreases:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Oedema
  • Spasms
  • Stress

  • How Long Do The Effects of PEMF Last?

    The honest answer is it depends on the animal/person! Just like a new mobile phone can hold a charge for longer than an old mobile phone, a cells' ability to hold a charge may be diminished based on age and general health. However, with the right diet and exercise balance, we can help train the cells to hold a charge for longer.
    Equine or human athletes that are in continuous training and pushing their bodies will be putting their cells through more wear and tear and can be in a near constant recovery state. Horses on a lighter exercise program may not need PEMF sessions as often as those higher-performing equines.
    Each plan is uniquely tailored to every client to ensure the maximum benefit and desired long-lasting effects.


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