We are very aware that everybody has a budget so have tried our hardest to make the rehabilitation process as accessible as possible, with the bonus of being able to add or take away certain aspects of the plan. We are happy to accept private or insurance work, with the relevant veterinary request.

Liveried Rehabilitation

Example is for a 1-week period costing £250 per week.
For shorter or longer periods please call.
Discounts available.


  • 12 x 14 well ventilated stable
  • A minimum of 5, maximum of 6, prescribed treatments and/or training sessions
  • Use of the Solarium
  • Basic feed twice per day (please supply supplements or specific feeds)
  • Adlib Top Quality Hay
  • 3 x bales of dust extracted shavings OR 2 x small bales of straw
  • Fresh clean water twice daily, we do not use automatic drinkers as we like to monitor your horses drinking levels. Horses will drink more to flush through the toxins we are releasing through treatments.
  • Groom, rug changes and general care
  • Leg stretches in the indoor turn out pen if the treatment plan allows.

  • Haylage or other non-hay forage £3 a day
  • Any extra bedding required, supplied at retail cost.
  • The attendance of other professionals, as agreed by prior owner consent
  • Intensive Day Treatments and Short Stays

    Prices for this will depend on the level of treatment required. We can offer:
  • Intense day treatment or short stay (max 3 days)
  • Suitable for some horses needing a "booster" in therapy
  • Relaxation "spa" day

    This is a whole day of relaxation and pampering for your horse. Prices start from £120 It includes:
  • Use of the solarium for treating and/or drying
  • Full shampoo and bath
  • Minimum of 1 hour relaxation massage session
  • Full groom and "pamper".

  • Professional Affiliations

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    Balens Ltd

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