TENS / EMS treatment

TENS is a non-invasive, drug- free method of controlling and relieving pain while EMS is an internationally accepted and proven way of treating muscular injuries. Both help prevent muscle atrophy and improve muscle tone and circulation and relax spasms.
Included in our full sports massage, maintenance or rehabilitation packages.

Red light lazer therapy

Photizo Vetcare relieves pain, stimulates cells to repair and heal, reduces swelling and inflammation and can help to stimulate the immune system in acute conditions.  It has been proven in treating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritis and overuse injuries.  The LED lights are non-invasive, painless and produce a gentle soothing warmth with no resulting recovery time.  It increases blood flow therefore aiding the quick removal of waste products from the area.


Therapeutic ultrasound is capable of significantly raising the temperature of deep tissue areas, therefore providing a much greater potential than simply applying external heat to a limb.  It can heat deep tissues without warming the skin surface and can be selectively used on areas such as muscles and ligaments.  Extensive research has proven that ultrasound can allow tendons to heal more rapidly, promote collagen fibre formation for long-term tensile strength, aiding increased range of motion and help control pain by sedating nerve endings.

Epiony Heat Pad

With the ability to alter the temperature of the pad to suit your horse's needs and tolerance levels, the heat pad is a stable of our therapy treatments.  Heat therapy aids in blood vessel dilation, helping heal damaged tissues.  It reduced stiffness, increased flexibility and relieves discomfort.  Our most common use is for relaxation, especially in young horses, those in pain or those who are distrusting of what we are doing.

Pulse Equine PEMF

Pulse Equine PEMF machines are able to gently penetrate deep into an animal's body, stimulating areas not easily reached with massage, lasers or other similar methods.  With the use of the professional machine, alongside high-level advanced training, we are excited to be able to offer this facility in the near future.
PEMF effectively stimulates cells to enable them to function and carry out their specific job better.  It can increase the range of motion by loosening muscle fibres, support healthy joint and cartilage function, assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort, give sedation-free relaxation and generally improve overall wellness.

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