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-  Has the attitude of your horse changed?  Is it more grumpy or temperamental than usual?

- Your horse suddenly dislikes being groomed

-  Your horse nips, kicks or puts its ears back when you approach with the saddle
- Does your horse refuse to stand still when being tacked or mounted?
- Your horse stumbles, appears or feels stiff or lacks the ability to bend? 
- Does your horse have short, choppy, uneven strides, change lead in canter or struggle to get into canter?

- Prefer one rein?

- Ride or lunge with hollow back or head held high, shake its head or tilt when relaxed or on the bit.

- Cold backed when tacked up?
- Does your horse rush or stop at fences that would have normally happily clear?
-  Does your horse buck or rear uncharacteristically? 
-  Do you have to constantly push your horse to walk out more?
-  Do you have difficulty in getting your horse to engage and work in an outline?

- Is your horses stride length uneven?

- Is your horse holding its tail to one side or clamping it's tail down tight?

- Has your horse started rolling or stretching a lot more?

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