Katie Buncombe BSc (hons), FdSc, Cert ESMT

Fully Qualified, Insured and Approved Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist


Insured by Balens

I have been riding, training and generally around horses since the age of 8.  In that time I have gained experience with all equines, from shetlands to shires, donkeys to mules and everything in between.

I have a BSc degree in Agricultural sciences and land management and although I took a few years out to concentrate on the agricultural sides of my interests, I am back doing what I love and working with horses.

I am fully qualified as an equine sports massage therapist as well as holistic, maintenance and rehabilitative treatments and have techniques that will benefit any horse or pony.  I am registered with the IAAT, IAAMB and fully insured by Balens Ltd.  I studied equine therapy with Olivia Renshaw at Wolds Equine Rehabilitation and Training Centre where, as well as conducting a very in depth study into the science and reasons behind everything we do, I undertook hours and hours of practical work.

I am currently studying an MSc degree in Equine Nutrition, Performance Sciences and Osteopathy at Edinburgh University Centre of Veterinary Medicine as well as working my way through my BHS stages and attending loads of CPD days so I am always up to date with the latest techniques.

Equiflex Therapy was founded in 2018, and has already developed a fantastic reputation with its customers, both equine and otherwise!  I am continually increasing my skills set so that I can always offer your equine the best and most up to date treatments, as well as ensuring that I have a technique that is ideal for your needs. 


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